A young Australian mountaineer from Perth “Steve Plain” is all set to make his 7th and last summit of the project “7in4”, started the program “Seven Peaks” from the Vinson Massif (Antarctica) and ending with Everest in May 2018.

The name of the expedition of Steve: “Project 7in4”, And her slogan is: “7 Verses, 4 months, 1 dream”!

The current record for the program “7 VERSHIN” belongs to the Polish mountaineer Janush Kokhansky: After climbing Everest of the Club of 7 Peaks. Janush made record of “seven peaks” in lesser time of 128 days starting from Antarctica on January 13, to Vinson and finished on May 20, 2017, climbing Everest.

“Januz Kokhansky” picture by 7summitclub

7 Peaks – “Star Seven” of the highest peaks of each of the continents of the Earth:
This is a collection of ascents to the highest peaks of seven continents. The program appeared in 1981 and has since become popular.
Today, more than 40,000 people in the world are implementing the program, and more than 150 have already conquered all seven peaks.

As of now, Steve has successfully climbed six of the seven peaks and is all set to make his last attempt to sum up the project by climbing Everest not later than 23rd May, 2018.

                                            Steve Plain passing over Denali, 3rd April, 2018

During this journey, the only difficulty faced by the Australian climber was the the highest peak in North America – Denali (6190 above sea level). The expedition to Denali was completely self-directed comprising 4 alpinists in a team that lasted for 17 days. They made an ascent April 3 with an assault exit lasting 20 hours. Similarly, the air temperature fell to minus 45 degrees Celsius. Climbers frequently fell into the cracks, but everything ended safely and without frostbite.

                                             Steve Plain at the top of Denali

It is reported that Steve alongwith his team has reached to base camp and had acclimatisation walk to Camp 1.

“This morning we set off at 05:00 and headed up through the Khumbu Icefall to Camp 1. It took about 3.5hrs to get up, had a short break, then descended back to base camp and were back in camp by mid morning.” Steve Plain


Pictures Courtesy: Steve Plain

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