IUCN Green List provides a new way of measuring species recovery and conservation success

Red List of IUCN for Threatened Species, the most extensively used information source on species conservation status, may transform soon.

The already available Red List measures the decline in species population both animals and plants and on the basis of extinction risks, classifies them into various groups. But what if the risk category of a certain species doesn’t not move despite of year’s conservation efforts, does it mean the species is not recovering at all or the conservation efforts have been unsuccessful?

A new framework of Green List of Species proposed by scientists and published in Journal of Conservation Biology; change the focus from pulling the species from the brink of extinction (Current IUCN Red List) to helping the species recovery to its full potential.

The new green list framework comprises four main metrics;

  1. Conservation legacy measures the difference that past conservation efforts have made to a species.
  2. Conservation dependence measures the impact if current ongoing conservation efforts are stopped.
  3. Conservation gain measures the improvement that conservation actions can bring in future.
  4. Recovery potential measures possible recovery potential that a species can attain in the long term.

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