Steve and its team at Camp 2 while Climbing Everest in “Project7in4”

On 23rd April (yesterday) Steve and his team climbed upto camp 2 as it was quite easy day for the mountaineers with hot and clear weather. According to the Steve, as the sun rose up at Camp 1, they set off to Camp2 around 08:50.

“Out of Camp 1 there are a few steep undulations in the glacier surface, almost like standing waves at the top of a waterfall. The last undulation actually has a vertical ice wall about 10m high which we have to climb. There is a short ladder at the bottom then it is just straight up the ice with aid of a fixed rope and jumar. Nothing too strenuous but made a bit harder with a full pack.” said Steve.

At 10.30, Steve and team were at C2 as it took 1hr 40 min from Camp 1 to Camp 2. According to Steve, it was a bit slow as they stopped few times trying to take it easy and keep the heart rate low. They spent healthy time at C2 while napping, playing cards and Monopoly with fellows.

Today they’ll head up the Lhotse Face towards Camp 3 for a bit of acclimatisation and will get back to C2 for second night.


Source: Project7in4


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