Heroic Polish Climbers Announce Second Winter Attempt on K2 for 2019-20

The Poles have taken in a great deal from their sensational first endeavor to climb the ‘Savage Mountain’ and will apply all their insight to the following expedition.

A heroic band of Polish mountain climbers has decided to launch a second winter expedition to climb K2 in winter 2019-20. As indicated by Karrar Haidri, Secretary, Alpine Club of Pakistan (ACP) and the head of expedition PR that the second campaign would occur in the winter of 2019-20.

The expedition team was considering winter 2018-19 earlier but abandoned the consideration due to lack of time. One of the conclusions from the last climbing endeavor was that they should be in base camp in mid-December not in January and get the supplies and cargo even before that.

The world’s second highest mountain K2 and is the only 8,000 m peak left unclimbed in winter.

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