K2 an undefeated Ski mountain

K2 still poses challenge to skiers around the world as nobody ever managed to descend from top to bottom. The statistics about K2 are very scary, only 300 people ever managed to reach at the top of K2 and one perishes out of every four climbers who attempt to reach the top.

In past skiers have tried to descend K2 but ended in failure. In 2001 Italian mountaineer Hans Kammerlander planned an attempt but called it off after witnessing a Korean climber fall past him to his death. In 2010 Swedish mountaineer and extreme skier Fredrik Ericsson died in the infamous bottleneck section.  The Italian mountaineer Kammerlander said “somebody will do it, but he’ll need a lot of ability and a whole lot of luck”.

Polish mountaineer and extreme skier Andrzej Bargiel is again travelling into Karakoram to K2 with plans not only to climb K2 but to be the first person to ski down from the top.

In 2017 Andrzej Bargial along with his team members Janusz Gołąb and Kuba Poburka abandoned their expedition due to unfavourable conditions and risks of avalanches. He had posted on his facebook;

“Boulders and stones were falling down on our head. Kuba got hit by a small one, but he’s all right.

We’ve decided there is no sense to risk it

Safety first

Unfortunately it looks like I won’t ski down from K2 this year…

Well sometimes you gotta lose the battle to win the war.

It’s very likely we’ll come back”

The video below shows some teaser footage from the 2017 expedition

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