Old rock carvings of Chilas

Chilas a small town on left side of River Indus in Gilgit Baltistan is considered as junction point and the perfect place to relax for a night while travelling between Islamabad and Gilgit – Skardu. Diamir District particularly Chilas was the transit city in trade for Kasghar, Balakot, Ladakh and Chitral and route for the religious pilgrimage.

Not surprisingly, there are petroglyphs and ancient rock carving named as talking rocks on both sides of River Indus dating back several millennia.  The rocks and makeshift temples were the places for the Buddhist followers and trade caravans to perform their religious rituals while waiting for the Indus to stabilize. There are ruins of the Buddhist University just a few kilometers from Chilas and the reason for this traffic was the calmest crossing over the river for caravans.

According to locals a lot of gold, bronze Markhor, gold Buddha, gems and precious knives were found from the old graves and Buddhist temples but none of them landed in any museum. The rock carvings consist of images including tall hunter wearing skirt, women, children and image of Buddha.


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