Unexplored Hindu Kush

Spreading over 15,000 square kilometers and 36 sub-valleys, Chitral is considered as mountaineers’ paradise.

Tirich Mir (7708 meters) is the highest peak of Hindu Kush mountains, which was first summited in 1950s by a Norwegian expedition but there are other 20 peaks with a height of 7,000 meters apart from Tirich. Due to arrivals of limited number of expedition groups, all of them have not been explored yet.

Turmoil in Afghanistan and especially in Kunar province and Taliban activities in Swat, the missions to climb high peaks came to a halt, not a single foreign team arrived in Chitral since 2002.

Tirich Mir is situated in Tirich valley, which hosts 70% peaks of Hindu Kush and from glaciers in the foothold starts the Chitral River.

In Chitral, the peaks over 7000 meters are Naushaq (7492m), Zom (7108m), Akher Chish (7020m) and  Koyo Zom with 6,871 meters altitude and hundreds of unexplored peaks above 5000 meters.

Mountaineers from Chitral regrets lack of awareness among the local residents of the Hindu Kush Mountains and only a few locals could name peaks of those mountains.

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