Welcome to Pakistan by Peter Burn

British Peter Burn recently travelled Pakistan with his motorbike and according to him he enjoyed every bit of moment from the mountainous landscape, gigantic rivers to the hospitability of Pakistanis.

He wrote on his face book “By far the best trip I’ve had and now my new favourite country! Pakistan has been the biggest surprise of a a destination for me. With such good food, amazing culture, and insane natural beauty. Not forgetting how hospitable the people have been here, i’ve lost count on how many times people invited me into their homes and businesses to have a cup of chai tea. One guy even stopped his car as he saw I was freezing on my bike and gave me a whole load of clothes and refused to take money off me for them. I have felt very safe in Pakistan. The army and police are the nicest in the world and only want to look after you. The western media makes Pakistan out to be a terrorist state and that you will die of you visit which is very unfair to categorise actions of a small number of people to a whole national. You do have to cautious traveling but you have to be cautious everywhere in the world these days. Tourism is about to boom in Pakistan and I see so much potential in this place being a very popular place to go. Can’t stress enough how much Pakistan is worth visiting! Shukriaaaa”

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