Polish-German expedition to Gasherbrum massif

After tiresome 6 days journey to the base camp of Gasherbrum and two more days climbing, the climbers managed to fix the route till camp-I despite heavy snow and bad weather conditions.

The project Gasherbrum Exploration 2018 comprises two Polish and one Germen climber including renowned Adam Bielecki, Jacek Czech and German Felix Berg.

The expedition has three basic climbing goals in front;

  1. Gasherbrum II (8035m) through the classic route
  2. Gasherbrum IV (7925m) from a new route through the eastern wall
  3. Gasherbrum VII (6980m)

The climb to Gasherbrum IV is physically demanding and logistically tough but the team is in good shape; the climb to Gasherbrum VII will be historic as it will be the first ever entry to the pristine and unconquered peak of Karakoram.  Both these goals are dependent on weather conditions , remaining available time and form of team after GII climb. Apart from exploratory aspects the expedition also aimed for the preparation of their next winter attempt for K2. The expedition will run till mid or early of August. Adams and German Felix Berg already had joint expeditions to Annapurna and in Turkey.

According to Adam the Gasherbrum base camp is getting crowded with the people from Austria, Hungary, Ukraine, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Slovakia.

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