Canadian K2 expedition reaches camp 1

On Monday 25th June, Quebec expedition pitched their tents at camp -1 (6100m) and spent their first night over there for acclimatization, the climbers then descended back to base camp.  The Next 2 days will also be devoted to rest. The goal of the week, negotiate house chimney, vertical rocky corridor of 100 feet located at 6500 meters, to reach camp II(6700m) .Here is the official report published yesterday by the expedition;.

” Today 26 June, we are back from c1 located at 6100 M. Phew!, hard rise and not obvious to Ben breathe when your backpack of 85 l. Is pretty well filled and must be well attached above your climbing harness 😉. After the advanced base camp, this is where we put our big mountain boot, cleats and climbing harnesses. It’s with a 45-degree slope over about 200 m. Start the ascent and follow a slope of 60 degrees where the ropes are set up to c1 over about 700 m.

With 20 people coming back in front of me and the 30 cm thick snow. Like Big Salt, so for a step ahead I found myself with 3 STEPS FROM BEHIND!!, mathematically I shouldn’t have made it up but with determination, I did it. A hard day but always an overflow of self.

There must be 8 tents currently at c1 and there is still little room for big teams including seven summits (Nepal) who are 39 members!!!!, we will have to share tents. I’ve slept very well and happy because acclimatization is not simple. For those who don’t know oxygen saturation and well when you go to medical clinic or hospital, they usually take this information and it turns around 98 % to 100 %, me here I’m about 80 %. I’m not someone who saturate well so the effort requested can be bigger, so important is to know each other well.

Finally, the raid on the big snow wasn’t easy for our tired legs. It snowed during the night, without counting the accumulation of the last few days, the fixed strings were partly under snow. And then the crossing of cracks and walking in the rocks, the soup was delicious when we arrived!!!”

Photo Courtesy: Madison mountaineering

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