The K2 looks like a time bomb for climbers right now: Quebec Climbers

The Quebec climbers Dessureault, Maurice Beauséjour and Nathalie Fortin reached the camp-1 (6100m) in the thick layer of fresh snow. But from the snow storm forced them back to base camp rather than climbing to House of Chimney (6500m).

Quebec climbers stated on social media yesterday about the current status of the weather at K2;

“tonight, 17, we’ve been to a snow foot received since this morning! Talk to the team. Even if it was beautiful tomorrow (Friday), which is not the weather report we are waiting for here, we will not leave on the mountain.

After the snow storm, you have to wait a few days. The Mountain is far too loaded with unstable snow. It’s too dangerous. The K2 looks like a time bomb for climbers right now.

Yesterday I counted 7 good avalanches. Today I’m back to 5. No, just a moment. The ground vibrates and I hear scold, 6th at the moment I send you this message.

Here at the base camp, we’re in super security. No worries.

We will have to wait for the mountain to be safer, drained from its snow, that snow is compacted and its structure is changed in block. Which can take a few days. So we’re not going to get up for 2 OR 3 days”.

(video of an avalanche triggered by the shoulder in 2016. Ngaa Tenji Sherpa of pioneer adventure)

Photo courtesy: Serge


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