Austrian mountaineer dead on Ultar Sar Peak in Hunza (Pakistan), two British injured

An Austrian mountaineer, Christian Huber, has reportedly died on the Ultar Sar Peak in Hunza due to an avalanche. He was part of a three member team trying to summit the 5, 780 meters high peak.

British citizen, Bruce Normand, who was leader of the expedition, has reportedly sustained injuries.

Another British citizen, Timothy Miller has also sustained injuries during the expedition.

Weather on the Ultar Sar peak had suddenly ‘worsened’ as explained in an email sent by the team leader during the expedition.

The Assistant Commissioner of Hunza has told local reporters that rescue mission is hindered by inclement weather.

There are also reports that rescue teams will reach the area today, as the weather has cleared.

The three climbers had reached Pakistan on 27th of June, and where scheduled to depart on the 8th day of July, 2018.

The tour was organized by a “Higher Ground Expeditions” based at Sost, Gojal, Hunza.

The expedition was traveling without any low altitude or high altitude porters.

Courtesy: Pamir Times

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