Irish mountaineer to follow in dead hero’s footprints

Irish climber Jason Black is at the K2 base camp (5334m) and waiting for avalanches to subside. This is the second climbing attempt of Black to K2 and it is expected that he will begin his climbing to peak in the coming days. In 2015 Black abandoned his climbing expedition due to poor weather.

            Jason Black with a memorial to Ger McDonnell who died on the way down from a successful climb in 2008 via GETTY IMAGES

Ger McDonnell was the first Irishman to scale K2 in 2008 but a few hours after his glorious achievement, he lost his life along with 10 other climbers due to an avalanche on the way down, the deadliest accident in the history of K2 mountaineering

by Aurangzaib buzdar

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