Climbers set off to higher camps: Gasherbrum

Finally the weather is improving the Hungarian climbers Dávid Klein and Szilárd Suhajda set off to C1 this morning. Their goal is to reach C1 today. Tomorrow they will go to C2 (approx 6500 m) where they would like to spend two nights. The next day they will climb toward fixing ropes on the Japanese couloir then go back to rest at C2. Then they will go down to BC. If this round of acclimatization will be successful the Hungarian team would try to reach the summit next time.

According to our information from Dávid Klein, the Italian Giampalolo Corona and Mario Vielmo will climb with them. If our information is correct Adam Bielecki, the Ukrainian expedition, Mr. Kim and his Sherpas and the last German climber stayed on the mountain also set off to C1 today.

Photo by Felix Berg

Polish climber Adam Bielecki said last day, “There is sunshine in the base camp again and the weather forecast for the next days is quite optimistic. We are going up tomorrow and our aim is to establish camp 3.”

Photo by Andrzej Bargiel

The Polish skier Andrzej Bargiel abandoned his acclimatization expedition at Gasherbrum and left for K2 along with his team, “Trail from BC to camp 1 on Gasherbrum II is pretty much hiking through really cracked glacier. Currently I am moving with all my team members to K2 basecamp. Time to focus on our main goal.”

by Aurangzaib buzdar

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