K2 Next Round: Kazakh/Russian/Kyrgyz Winter expedition

K2 summit in winter is still a unresolved problem and poses challenge to all climbers. To climb K2 in winters, it’s not only that how much climbers are well prepared and excellent logistics but its notorious harsh weather and wind in dead of winter.

K2 winter team leader Vassily Pivtsov from Kazakhstan and organizer Artem Brown from Russia

The team of Russian/Kazakh/Kyrgyz team is first in line to achieve this greatest goal. The expedition will be led by star Kazakh climber Vassily Pivtsov, the summiteer of all fourteen 8000ers and organized by Russian Artem Brown.

The team also includes Russians Roman Abildaev, Vitaly Akimov and Eugeny Glazynov; Kazakhs Vitaly Akimov and Ildar Gabbasov, and Mikhail Danichkin from Kyrgyzstan.

In a press release, the team stated“Each of the participants understands the risk of such climb, but the desire to reach the top of this great mountain in winter and leave a mark in the mountaineering history is a matter of honor and pride for Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan”.


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