K2 Winter International Expedition 2019

High altitude climbs in winter especially 8000ers are viewed as exceptionally mind boggling and complex. Only the class climbers can think of it. K2 (8611 m), the second highest pinnacle on planet earth, which remained far from climbers reach in winters. Till now four climbing attempts were made, yet without much of any result;

First attempt: Polish expedition (1987-1988)

Second attempt: Polish expedition (2002-2003)

Third attempt: Russian expedition (2011-2012)

Fourth attempt: Polish expedition (2017 -2018)

Again for 2018 – 2019, a strong and skilled group of mountaineers from Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan are preparing themselves for another endeavor to climb the savage mountain in the coming winters. Every member of the group realizes the danger of such adventure, yet the longing and wish to achieve the highest point of this extraordinary Mountain in winter and leave a legacy in the mountaineering history is a matter of pride and respect for Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia.

The challenges that this expedition have to face are; extreme height with thin air, technical complexities of the route, weather especially the wind approximately 200km/h and avalanche danger, rock fall and extreme cold  of -40 Celsius.

Keeping in view the preparations, the skills and strengths of the team members there are bright chances of success. The team leader Vassily Pivtsov from Kazakhstan has climbed all 8000ers in world without any supplement oxygen, rest all the team members have experience of 7000 m and some of them had participated in Winter Snow Leopard.

Team members include Vassily Pivtsov (Kazakhstan), Artem Brown  (Russia), Roman Abildaev (Russia), Vitaly Akimov (Russia), Tursunali Aubakirov (Kazakhstan), Mikhail Danichkin   (Kyrgyzia), Ildar Gabbasov (Kazakhstan), Eugeny Glazunov (Russia), Dmitry Muraviov (Kazakhstan), Pavel Vorobjov (Russia), Dmitry Muraviov (Kazakhstan) and Pavel Vorobjov from Russia.

Courtesy: Russsianclimb.com



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