China is planning to ban non-eco friendly vehicles around Mount Everest base camp

China has made a strict move to check the pollution level far around Mount Everest to conserve its fragile ecosystem. As per the news reports, China is planning to put a restriction on contaminating traveler vehicles visiting the Mount Everest in Tibet beginning from 2019. This activity is a part of China’s endeavors to chop down pollution in the area.

In this way, each one of those visitor vehicles that don’t meet the counter pollution standards will be banned from entering Mt Everest base camp. Apparently, electricity run golf-style vehicles will be permitted to visit the area with the ultimate goal to enable local population to have a livelihood source through this intervention. Local community living underneath poverty line will be allowed to fill in as tourist guides and drive the vehicles to carry tourists. This will likewise help control pollution in the region.

Mr. Wangqiong, the deputy chief of Tingri Tibetan County, expressed that the Mt Everest zone has a sensitive ecology and a limited ability to process all the junk and sewage produced by the visitors. Along these lines, this issue should be dealt with carefully. Wangqiong shared that a specialized cleaning organization has been assigned to take care the area. Besides, every guest will be given waste bag to encourage the cleanup.

Since April 2018, a considerable quantity of human excreta, mountaineering waste and other solid waste have been cleaned from Mt Everest. In 2018 about 100,000 tourists visited the area including mountaineers and trekkers as compared to 40,000 in 2017; Chinese News Daily reported.


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