Adam Bielecki’s obsession is not winter K2

Amid a climbing trip in Sardinia, Adam had an interview with ExploerWeb about the forthcoming winter climbing season and unveiled his near future plans for next spring.

Adam Bielecki, the start Polish climber who already had two winter firsts of Gasherbrum-I (8,080 m) in 2012 and Broad Peak (8,051 m) in 2013 and a strong winter attempt on K2 in last January is the real gem of Polish winter climbing team.

In the interview Adam revealed that he is obsessed about climbing a 8000er in alpine style and from a new route, compared to this passion attempting K2 in winter is a secondary option. In this year he is taking break and more emphasis will be on his own training and more focused on technical climbing.

Adam Bielecki made his mind to climb one of the deadliest and difficult mountains of Himalayas, the Annapurna (8,091 m) from northwest face. In the spring 2019, Adam along with German Felix Berg will try in alpine style.

On a question about the bright side of K2 in winters, he said “Most climbs are balanced between two factors: pleasure and satisfaction. In the winter Karakorum, this balance is lost. You won’t get any pleasure, but the satisfaction of getting so high up and being the first one and writing your name in climbing history… That’s simply incredible.”

About rescue in Karakoram he shared, “We climbers know that the possibilities of rescue are almost non-existent, especially in the Karakorum. Generally, if I climb in the winter Karakorum, I can count on my team members, but nobody else.”



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