Featured Expanding glacier blocks Hasanabad Nallah in Hunza, forming a lake

The gradual expansion of a glacier in the Hassanabad Nallah, 1-kilometer South-West of district headquarter Aliabad, has blocked the flow of the river, and a lake is slowly forming,  learned through local sources.

The lake, which has reportedly expanded in size to 300 ft long and 75 ft deep, endangers lives and properties of the people in Hassanabad village, besides threatening critical infrastructure, including a bridge of the Karakoram Highway, and a couple of functional and under-construction power projects.

Local sources have informed that power generation from a 1 MW station has completely stopped because of the discontinuation of water supply. Nearby settlements, like Aliabad, Dorkhan, Hyderabad, Murtazabad, and Hasanabad, are also affected because of blockage of water channels dug for irrigation.

Locals have appealed to the government, Pakistan Army and the Aga Khan Development Network to study the phenomena and take measures to save the lives and properties of the locals.

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