Climbers lost in 2018 in Pakistan

Dutch mountaineer Wilco van Rooijen who had survived in deadliest incident of 2008 on K2 wrote, “A mountaineer’s death is tragedy for his family, for climbers it is an acceptable way to die. It’s hard to believe, but our passion is in the mountains. If you die in the mountains… it happens at the highlight of your life… You are living for your passion. If you die when you are 90, then that is great. But for mountaineers it’s acceptable to die where your heart is”.

Pakistan Mountain News pay tribute to the brave climbers who lost their lives on Pakistan’s soil. We want to honor those mountaineers and alpinist who left us last year in 2018 in line of their endeavors at various peaks in Great Karakoram Range of Pakistan.

  1. Tomasz Mackiewicz of Poland went missing on January 2018 trying to climb the 8,126 m tall Himalayan peak Nanga Parbat in winter. Rescuers could not reach Tomasz Mackiewicz because of weather and altitude and he was presumed dead. This put all the mountaineering community in deep sadness and pain. All our thoughts go out to Tomek’s family and friends.
  2. Serge Dessureault from Canada fell to his death on K2 in July 2018, he was the team leader of a five-member K2 and Broad Peak expedition. Serge Dessureault was a firefighter in Canada and it was the first casualty on K2 in 2018, this was Serge’s second attempt on K2.
  3. Maurizio Giordano from Italy was hit by falling ice while on rappel. His goal was to ascend the 7,925 m Gasherbrum IV in Karakoram precisely 60 years after the peak was conquered by Walter Bonatti and Carlo Mauri, who formed part of the famous expedition led by Riccardo Cassin.
  4. Sergey Glazunov from Russia met with an accident on July 25 during which Sergey fell to his death while climbing 7,145 metre high Latok-I mountain in the Karakoram Range. He was an extreme athlete and had a reputation for climbing some of the hardest routes on some of the most technically challenging mountains and Latok-I was one of them.
  5. Christian Huber from Austria was killed when an avalanche hit the climbers’ tent in June 2018 during a strong storm at a height of 5,900 metres on Ultar Sar Peak in the Hunza Valley of Pakistan.

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