Climbers had a great start at Nanga Parbat

After the brief stop at base camp due to snowfall, the sun returned to shine on Nanga Parbat and the team of Daniele Nardi resumed well. Setting up a new route on Mummery’s Spur is going on in alpine style without using additional oxygen.

After setting up camp 1 (around 4700), where a large amount of material was deposited, all climbers reached camp 2 around 5100 meters (camp 3 is expected at 5700m).

Yesterday the four returned to base camp, tired but satisfied and motivated with their excellent start. In the next few days the weather forecast is snowy for a few days, with very short windows of good weather. It should be better from mid-week, when the team can continue this first phase of material storage in the camps and acclimatization.

Things are going well at the foot of Nanga Parbat. Daniele, Tom, Rahmat and Karim appear fit and full of motivation. In the below video, you can see Tom Ballard is showing his ice climbing skills.

Picture/Video by Karim Hayat and Daniele Nardi

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