Alex Texikon: A few chances of success on K2

Starting from Nepal, Alex Txikon has arrived in Islamabad with the sherpa team and the same his other colleagues also joined him there in Pakistan and they are ready to depart Skardu, Gilgit Baltistan.

In an interview with the Spanish sports newspaper Marca, the mountaineer Alex further clarified some details of the expedition to K2 in winter 2019.

There are little chances of success on K2 , but I hope to have fun and do things the best way possible”  Alex told in affirmative and pessimistic way because he is well experienced who knows how complex a winter expedition on K2 can be, the success depends upon so many variables, weather conditions the most important. The proper planning and strategy can play a key roles as some mistakes witnessed in last winter K2 expedition.

In the team with Alex there is Felix Criado. He will also join the Polish Pawel Dunaj and Marek Klonowski. In addition, there will be Sherpas Nuri, Chhepal, Geljen, Wallung and Pasang.

Still on the subject of sherpa , Alex emphasizes that Nuri, Chhepal, Geljen, Wallung and Pasang consider them to be full-fledged mountaineers and not high-altitude workers who help him on the mountain. Despite that the five are paid by him, but he went further stating: ” What is the difference between The North Face that sponsors Simone Moro or Tamara Lunger and I pay with the money of my sponsors the Sherpa? That’s why for me they are one more element of the team “. Her further added that “Before the winter summit of Nanga Parbat Ali Sadpara from Pakistan, everyone considered him an high altitude porter, since we reached that summit for the first time in winter, he is considered a mountaineer, for me they are all … The only difference is that they have been born in Pakistan or Nepal, they can become stronger and better technically than some internationally recognized famous climbers.

Its sounds strange that Alex wants to rise from the complicated route American (1978), opened by Louis F. Reichardt and James Wickwire in May of that year and never again tried. That route is lashed by the wind from the north. But there is always time to change your mind.

This is how Alex Txikon prepares for his winter expedition

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