Nardi and Ballard reach the 6200 meters on the Mummery Spur of Nanga Parbat

Italian climber Daniele Nardi and British Tom Ballard reached at 6200 meters on Mummery and left some material, the same altitude at which Nardi arrived in 2015, but that year he was alone and in 2013 with French climber Elisabeth Revol. At the mummery spur route the maximum height gained by anyone is 6450 meters by Nardi and Revol in 2013.

Both the climbers then headed back to base camp. Pakistani climber Rahmatullah Baig spent a heavy night with sore throats at camp 3 and he is already in base camp with Karim Hayat.

According to weather forecast, it will be a stable day today, on 18th there will some snowfall and a disruptive phase could start from 19th of January.

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