Alex to bring revolution in winter climber through igloo

Alex Texikon and his team constructed igloos at K2 BC which can be a revolution in the winter expeditions arrangement at base camp.  According to him, the igloos are much more comfortable and warm as compared to tents.

“In the dining room tent we were at 13 degrees below zero, in the tent at minus 26 degrees, and inside the igloo we slept at -5 degrees. I have to say that it was the best night of my 8 winter expeditions. As you walk from the dining room to the igloo your hands and all your muscles freeze, and the wind blows in your face. However, when entering the igloos we have built in the Base Camp, silence is not heard, and the howl of the wind disappears. At dawn, the sleeping  bags are completely dry and light travels through walls of more than 20 cm of compacted snow. It is a wonder. But, undoubtedly, one of the greatest discoveries has been the oxygen that is breathed in, the saturation is greater in the igloo than in a tent. Therefore, we rest better.

PC: Alex Texikon

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